Portraits are 20cmx25cm and they come framed. The overall size of the picture framed is

37.5cm a 31cm

The choice of frame is below.

The price of each portrait is £95.00 with ​FREE FRAME 

£30 non refundable deposit required.

P&P to UK Royal Mail tracked and signed for £6.00 (second Class)

Europe £10. USA £25

Extra subjects in a portrait will be £50 

Please don't hesitate to email me and we can chat about your requirements i can do other sizes if needed. 

Adding people or other pets into a portrait can be difficult and the picture will not look good. It is best if you can take a group photo. Please take the photo as close up as you can for details such as eye colour and fur/hair etc.

I can look at some of your photos and we can decide which one i can paint for you.

I can also come to your home to photograph your pet and deliver your portrait. (Wirral only)


Recently i have been painting people portraits dont hesitate to ask if you'd like one and check out my tab


Pets portraits are a lovely way to remember our pets, they are part of our family and give us unconditional love. 
 I use pastels to paint my portraits and all are 20 x 25 cm in size.

I frame my pictures with the Commission as i find it better to post that way. Pastels are prone to smudging and i know if its in a frame (slightly way from the glass) then its safe. 

I have 3 frame choices all included in the price. Just let me know what colour you would like, see images below.

There are 3 steps to ordering the commission:
Step 1The photograph: time should be taken in getting this right, you must try and capture your pet in best the way you can.  Please take the photo as close up as you can and on the same eyelevel works best, this is so i can see the detail in the eyes and the fur. Photos taken from afar are not usually suitable due to blurring when brought in close.

Cats can be tricky, take your time and get help from another person. Please try not to scan a photo as the detail will be lost. You can send them to me via messenger on FB or email. We will agree on the photo and i will give you a timescale. It should only be a few weeks depending on demand but i will agree a date with you.

Step 2: Deposit. I only do 1 size portrait and all are the same price. I ask for a non refundable deposit of £30. Paid via paypal.
Step 3: I will show you the painting half way through, if you are happy for me to finish the painting i will require full payment through paypal once you see the finished piece and your treasured pet painting will be on its way to you.

I will keep in contact all the step of the way.

                       White Frame                                        Black Frame                                   Brown Frame

Photographing your Pet
I can only paint what i see. your photographs should be sharp and  not out of focus, detail is important. Daytime is the best light there is as indoor lighting can give a yellow cast. If you cannot go outside if you can place your pet near a window or somewhere with good lighting! 
I usually do head and shoulders but if the posture is interesting i can paint all of the animal.

I look forward to hearing from you soon ...............................

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